Who we are

The Yemen Journey is a young company founded in 2020 by a Danish-Yemeni partnership based in Sana’a. We travel the country in our search for the best coffee, that unique basket and the most beautiful light. We began The Yemen Journey as we wanted the world to enjoy the tastes and beauty of a country we love and call home, and at the same time we saw an opportunity to bring hope and income to farmers and artisans, who have been isolated by years of war, meanwhile keeping ancient traditions for handcraft and high quality agricultural products alive.

Since 2012 we have been creating and growing several successful businesses in Yemen, that all share a common goal of sustainability and positive social impact. Across our businesses we employ a team of over 50 full time staff, most of whom are Yemenis, and serve a large group of international clients, including commercial clients, INGOs and UN agencies.

Why Yemen Journey

Uniqueness and quality

All our products are unique and selected based on strict criteria of high quality. Our coffee and agricultural products are single sourced from a handful of carefully selected farms, meanwhile our handcrafts are selected based on quality of design and materials, as well as sustainability in production.

Resilience and hope

We celebrate the resilience of Yemenis and we honor the hard work and dreams that have gone into each one of our products. By bringing their work to an international audience, we give Yemeni farmers and artisans an opportunity to sell their unique products internationally, bringing them income and hope.

Transparency and fair trading

Transparency and fair trading is at the core of every project and partnership, as we want to ensure that the farmers and artisans we work with receive fair payments for their work, and that our international retail clients have full insight into every transaction related to their project.

Partnerships & Requests

Retail Requests

We would love to hear from you, so no matter the nature of your request or where in the world you work, please just get in touch. We work closely with our retail clients in identifying the products they are interested in, and we invite them to follow us on every step of the journey – from idea, sourcing and production, to quality control, pre-shipment samples and final shipment.


The Yemen Journey is a partner of WarFair , which works to promote trade with countries affected by conflict. If a retailer cannot import directly themselves, WarFair offers support in due diligence, quality control, financing and even branding of products – ensuring customers that they are supporting peace and progress in fragile countries by buying the products.

Locations and Stores


You can buy our Yemeni coffee from Coffee Collective. and Warfair . Warfair also offers our lanterns and beach baskets .


Our stonepots and selected lantern designs are available at the ISHKAR London store and online.


We collaborate with Little Sun on solar light integration with the Yemen Lantern. The solar powered lanterns are available for order on the Little Sun website.


Smell the air like never before. Our stone incense burners are available now at the Mennas.co


Our Yemeni specialty coffee is now available in Soul. Find out the taste of our best coffee at Coffee Libre


Selected Yemen Journey products are available for retail in Sana’a, contact us to learn more about where to find our products.